Pluto Does It Again

Sorry to keep going on about this guys but there is another stunningly beautiful picture of Pluto doing the rounds. Just look at it!

Image courtesy of NASA
Image courtesy of NASA

That is a photo of another world! That we took! It is amazing that we can do that, a fantastic accomplishment that we should be proud of as a species.

This was taken just a few minutes after New Horizons had hurtled by its closest approach to the dwarf planet and, for a sense of scale, the image spans about 230 miles. The flat area is Sputnik Planum, which I mentioned in a post last week. The mountains to the left climb as high as 11,000 feet, and two of them have very cool names: Norgay Montes and Hillary Montes after the first men to conquer our own highest mountain. The streaks in the sky aren’t artifacts, they’re genuine layers in the atmosphere, perhaps as many as a dozen.

Being new to WordPress I’m not sure yet how it handles compression of images so it’s probably worth clicking this link to NASA to get the full, hi-res, achingly beautiful effect of the original.

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