See You Next Week

Hello, my sceptical friends. Today marks the beginning of my masters degree in Genomic Medicine. The first lectures are today and the timetable looks, shall we say, formidable. I’m going to play it safe to begin with till I get a handle on it so that means I won’t be posting every day. My initial plan is to post once per week; if it turns out I have time to do more then I will because, franky, I think I’m going to miss it.
It is by no means ‘goodbye’, then, merely a ‘see you next week’. Till then.

2 thoughts on “See You Next Week

  1. I don’t think you need luck, as hard work will bring its own with it…. Enjoy the class, which, as you note, is a formidable subject in and of itself. I see now why your posts are so well-organized and thorough…

    See you on your return, new degree in hand, we’ll assume…

    gigoid, the dubious


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