Birthday Lethargy

It’s my birthday today and so I’m taking a week off. I was going to do a post on a disappointing Cochrane review of acupuncture but whilst I was researching I found that Dr Steven Novella, a personal hero of mine and someone anyone that is interested in sceptical thinking and science based medicine should follow, has already done a comprehensive analysis of it that I wouldn’t be able to better. So I’ll point you in the direction of his blog, Neurologica, and bid you a good week.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Lethargy

  1. Well, belated birthday wishes, hope you had a great day! Also, thanks for pointing us to the article and Dr. Novella’s critique of it. Promises to be a good read!

    Kudos for at least getting around to posting on your birthday. I was too depressed and caught up in the inertia of lethargy when I hit 30 last year to even summon the energy to write a post!

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