USDA Approves Release Of Genetically Modified Moth

You may remember last year when the USDA approved a field trial of genetically modified mosquitos in Florida. Although there were the usual ideologically opposed protests the trial is progressing. Well, last week the USDA approved another field trial of a GM insect, this time the diamondback moth. The diamondback moth is an invasive species… Read More USDA Approves Release Of Genetically Modified Moth

Fracking Pollutants Found in Aquifers

Researchers from Yale have discovered diesel and gasoline-like pollutants in shallow aquifers near the sites of fracking wells. Having carried out an analysis of the types and proportions of pollutants they concluded that the source of the contaminants was the water that was pumped under ground to fracture the shale bed. Published in the prestigious… Read More Fracking Pollutants Found in Aquifers