Birthday Lethargy

It’s my birthday today and so I’m taking a week off. I was going to do a post on a disappointing Cochrane review of acupuncture but whilst I was researching I found that Dr Steven Novella, a personal hero of mine and someone anyone that is interested in sceptical thinking and science based medicine should… Read More Birthday Lethargy

Chiropractic: A Dangerous, Unethical Waste of Time

Brace yourselves. I’ve written a post about something close to my heart: pseudoscience in healthcare. In this particular instance it is chiropractic; if I have the energy at some point I will cover other types of nonsense like homeopathy, iridology, acupuncture (yes, acupuncture doesn’t work, get over it) and other such ‘complimentary’ therapies in future… Read More Chiropractic: A Dangerous, Unethical Waste of Time